The Saskatoon Collaborative Funding Partnership

Who We Are
Saskatoon Collaborative Funding Partnership

The Saskatoon Collaborative Funding Partnership is a collaboration among several Saskatoon organizations that provide grants to community groups. For several years, community groups in Saskatoon and area have been telling funders that filling out a separate application form for each funder is a complicated and time-consuming process. Funders, for their part, want to make it easy for community organizations to apply for funding, so that most of the organizations' time and energy can go into service to the community. Funders also want to ensure that available funds are used effectively and to target enough funds to key areas to make a difference. Funders recognize that when each funder has a separate application process, some community groups receive more money than they need and some worthy groups or projects are under funded.

The Saskatoon Collaborative Funding Partnership was established to address these issues. The Partnership is a result of several years of discussion and planning amoung organizations in Saskatoon and area. Funders have met regularly to share information about funding and application processes and to discuss how organizations can work together to simplify the funding process for both community groups and funders.

Members of the Parnership:

The current active members of the Partnership are:
  • - City of Saskatoon - Social Services Grant
  • - United Way of Saskatoon and Area - Community Initiatives Fund