The Saskatoon Collaborative Funding Partnership

Community Supports

The following organizations and agencies may offer information, workshops, and support to community groups.

Volunteer Saskatoon

Offers a range of programs and services to support and promote volunteerism in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan. Works with the voluntary sector to develop training and support for volunteers. Also works with organizations in leadership development, recognition, networking, and volunteer referrals.

Saskatoon Regional Intersectoral Committee (SRIC)

There are 10 Regional Intersectoral Committees in Saskatchewan, including one in Saskatoon. The RICs' mandate is to remove barriers, close gaps and reduce duplication in the delivery of human services. The SRIC's priorities are addressed through the Government of Saskatchewan Community Initiatives Fund (CIF).


The links below take you to online publications that may help community groups build their own capacity and better serve the community.

Community Recreation Toolkit - Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association

Includes modules on topics such as board governance, financial management, leadership, marketing and human resource management. Although this toolkit was developed for recreation groups, most of its content will be useful for all community groups.

Cultural Resources NetFile - SaskCulture

The "Organization Development" section of this resource provides links to publications that address topics such as governance, strategic management, human resource management, and financial management for community-based organizations.

United Way of Canada Publications

Provides links to publications specifically designed for the voluntary sector including an advocacy toolkit, community-building toolkit, and collaboration assessment guide and tool.

Building Caring Communities: A Community Workbook - Saskatchewan Health

Outlines a process that community groups can use to engage citizens in taking action to improve their quality of life. Although the workbook focuses on health and well-being the process can be applied to any aspect of community life.

The Community Capacity Building Tool - Public Health Agency of Canada

Includes sections on participation, leadership, obtaining resources, linking with others, and several other topics.