The Saskatoon Collaborative Funding Partnership

Other Funders

Other funding organizations that provide grants to community groups are listed below and a brief description of each is provided. For more information about specific grant programs, eligibility requirements and contact information go to the website of each funder. Please note that grant programs may change, that specific grants may not be offered each year, and that the amount of funding and eligibility requirements may vary.
Other organizations, in addition to those listed below, may provide grants to community groups. Volunteer Saskatoon ( maintains a database of local, provincial and national funders. Contact Volunteer Saskatoon for more information - 306-975-3477.

Saskatoon Community Foundation

Provides Quality of Life grants to community groups in seven areas: Family and community, education, human development, health, arts and culture, environment, and research, strategy and capacity building. Provides grants for youth programs through its Youth Advisory Council. Also administers grants for several private foundations and a number of scholarship and bursary programs for students.

Saskatoon Health Region Community Grants Program

Offers three grant programs which focus on community health and health promotion. Two of these programs require that community groups partner with a program of the Saskatoon Health Region.

Government of Saskatchewan, Community Initiatives Fund

The CIF grant that will be of the most interest to community groups is the Community Grant Program which has a broad community development mandate with a specific focus on vulnerable children, youth and familiies. Contact the Saskatoon Regional Intersectoral Committee for more information - 306-933-5032

Dakota Dunes Community Development Corporation (CDC)

The CDC provides community focused grants in 10 different categories with the vision of "Supporting community success through innovative partnerships". The CDC distributes 25% of the net profits from the Dakota Dunes Casino, on a fair and equitable basis, to First Nations and non-First Nations community-based not-for-profit organizations within a 75 km radius from the Whitecap Dakota First Nation.