The Saskatoon Collaborative Funding Partnership

How To Apply

1. Review the guide and eligibility criteria to determine your organization is eligible for funding from at least one of the members of the Saskatoon Collaborative Funding Partnership.

2. Get your organization identification number All applicants for funding from the members of the Saskatoon Collaborative Funding Partnership must have an organization identification number. These numbers will be assigned at a series of workshops to be conducted by the Saskatoon Collaborative Funding Partnership. First time applicants to the program are required to send a representative to one of these workshops in order to be considered for funding. At the workshop you will be given information about the funding process and assistance completing the application form, in addition to being assigned an organization identification number.

3. Develop the proposal prior to inputting it into the system. Read the guide again to ensure that the project or services that will be applied for are eligible and that you have all the information required to submit the proposal.

4. Complete the application on-line and submit on-line (sorry, no paper applications accepted) by the due date and time.

Checkout our application guideline: CollaborativeFundingPartnershipUserGuide.pdf